Foreclosure and Distraint

Real Property is subject to tax foreclosure once three full years of taxes are delinquent. Personal property tax must be paid in full
and is subject to distraint action (seizure of property) after April 30th of the current tax year. Mobile Homes are subject to distraint action after October 31st of the current tax year. No sale of personal property is allowed without prepayment of tax, including advance tax, per RCW 84.56.070.


Benton County is the second County in Washington State to conduct its Foreclosure Sale online with Bid4Assets.

E-mail questions about foreclosure and distraint to:



2020 Foreclosure Sale Listing

2020 Foreclosure Notice of Sale 

2020 Distraint Sale  


2019 Foreclosure Sale

2019 Distraint Sale

2018 Foreclosure Sale

2018 Distraint Sale was not conducted.


2017 Foreclosure Sale

2017 Distraint Sale

2016 Foreclosure Sale
2016 Distraint Sale

2015 Foreclosure Sale
2015 Distraint Sale

2014 Foreclosure Sale
2014 Distraint Sale

2013 Foreclosure Sale
2013 Distraint Sale

2012 Foreclosure Sale
2012 Distraint Sale was not conducted.

2011 Foreclosure Sale
2011 Distraint Sale was not conducted.

2010 Foreclosure Sale
2010 Distraint Sale was not conducted.

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