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Online Payment Options

  • Credit Card/any non-Visa Debit Card - Credit Card and any non-Visa debit card payments are charged at 2.5% convenience fee of the payment amount by the vendor.

  • E-Check - A $1 transaction fee is charged by the vendor.

  • Visa Debit Card (Non Business) - A convenience service fee of $3.95/transaction is charged by the vendor.

Please see RCW 36.29.190 for an explanation of the fees when paying by credit card or electronic checks.

To pay using one of these methods, please click below and search for your property. From there, you can select what you would like to pay.

The online payment option is not available for parcels in the foreclosure process, once the Certificate of Delinquency has been filed. According to RCW 84.64.060, payments must be made by an interested party. The Benton County Treasurer’s Office requires payment in full via cash or cashier’s check, per RCW 84.64.070.

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