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The Association of Government Accountants (AGA) Citizen-Centric Government Reporting Initiative is intended to foster innovative means of communication between governments and their citizenry. AGA believes that government financial information should be provided to citizens in forms that are clear and understandable, updated regularly and often, delivered to all, easy to locate, honest in breadth and technically accurate in detail. In fact, as the owners of government, citizens have a right to this information.

AGA's Citizen-Centric Reports detail government finances in a visually appealing, clear and understandable four-page document. 
The suggested format shows community information—such as population figures, regional characteristics and government goals for the community—on the first page, and the second page presents a performance report on key missions and
service. The third page details cost and revenue information, and the fourth looks forward to the year ahead.

AGA believes that these reports will make governments more accountable to their citizens, and will help Americans become better  educated and better able to participate in government activities.

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