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Exemption Questions/Answers

1. How do I get a senior or disabled property tax exemption?
Answer: If your annual income does not exceed $40,000 and you own and reside in your home, including mobile homes, you may be able to get a tax reduction. You must be at least 61 years of age or, if under 61, retired because of a disability and unable to work. To apply for the senior/disabled exemption, contact the Benton County Assessor.

As a senior, you may also qualify to have your taxes "deferred" and paid by your estate. See the Benton County Assessor website for more information.

2. I have a senior exemption so why am I still paying taxes?
Answer: The amount of tax reduced depends on the value of your property and the level of your income. Not all of the tax may disappear but you will receive a significant reduction. All senior/disabled taxpayers, regardless of property value, are exempt from voted taxes. In Benton County voted taxes are, on average, about 40% of the tax bill.

3. I applied for a senior/disabled exemption but it is not reflected on my tax bill. What happened?
Answer: Depending on when you applied, the Assessor may not have completed their part of the process and notified us so we can send you an updated tax bill. We cannot change the tax amount due until the Assessor has processed and approved your application. You must pay whatever tax is due on the due dates or you will owe interest and penalty, even if you have an application pending. If your application is processed after you pay, you will receive a refund or a bill for a reduced balance depending on the amount of the change.

4. What other exemption/deferral programs are available?
Answer: All exemption programs are administered by the Benton County Assessor. See their website for information on other exemptions/deferral programs such as home improvements, open space, agricultural, etc. They also have information about damaged property. 

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