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Irrigation Questions/Answers

1. Does the Benton County Treasurer collect for irrigation districts?
Answer: Yes, three irrigation districts in Benton County use the Treasurer's Office for collection of their assessments. Any taxpayer who has Benton Irrigation District, Columbia Irrigation District or Kiona Irrigation District pays their assessments to the Treasurer's Office. The Benton County Treasurer does not collect for Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) and any payments for KID should be made directly to them.

2. I used to get a bill directly from my irrigation district, but this year I didn't. What happened?
Answer: In 2014, Columbia Irrigation District and Kiona Irrigation District chose to have their billing combined with the billing of property taxes. Going forward, both property taxes and irrigation will be on the same bill and must be paid together. We will only accept payment for both the taxes and irrigation combined for these irrigation districts. Benton Irrigation is still choosing to send out their billing separately and their payments will be accepted separately from the taxes.

3. Will my mortgage company automatically start paying my irrigation assessment?
Answer: Because we will no longer be accepting the payments separately for Columbia and Kiona Irrigation, most mortgage companies will be paying your irrigation assessment along with your taxes. You may notice an adjustment to your mortgage payment to make up for this change. Please contact your mortgage company directly if you have any questions regarding your payment.

4. When are irrigation assessment payments due?
Answer: For those taxpayers with Benton Irrigation District, their assessment payments are due in full on April 1 of each year. Taxpayers have until April 30 to make a payment before any penalties or interest is charged.

For taxpayers with Kiona or Columbia Irrigation District, the assessment payments are due at the same time as the taxes on April 30 and October 31 and must be paid with the taxes. If the first half payment is not received by April 30th, the irrigation becomes due in full and will begin to accrue interest. A $20 penalty will also be assessed on May 1st and November 1st for any past due irrigation amounts from Columbia Irrigation District, as well as an additional $20 penalty on November 15th from the Benton County Treasurer's Office.

5. I have irrigation, but do not get any water. Why should I pay this bill?
Answer: The Treasurer's Office only collects the assessments for the irrigation districts. Any issues related to water service needs to be directed to the irrigation districts themselves. Please note that irrigation assessments that are not paid after 3 years will still put the property in jeopardy of foreclosure through the Treasurer's Office.

For all irrigation related issues, please contact your irrigation district.
Benton Irrigation District - (509)588-4396
Columbia Irrigation District - (509)586-6118
Kiona Irrigation District -

See Irrigation Districts Page for contact information and directions.

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